Privacy policy and cookies policy

of Jacek Krugły KRUGŁY and have been created to inform you about what data we collect and how we process and protect your personal data. The administrator of your personal data is Jacek Krugły KRUGŁY, NIP 9570881410, REGON 368804800 registered at ul. Mokwy 14/3, 81-708 Sopot

Collection and use of information

As part of our activities, we may collect the following information about you: Information you provide through the website or otherwise (e.g., by phone or email), including, your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and any other information you provide in the course of correspondence or conversation. Information about how you use, including, your browser and operating system settings, the frequency and duration of your visits to the website, and how you interact with the website.

What we do with the information we collect

We collect this information to better understand your needs and provide you with services that meet your expectations. We also use the data we collect to improve the quality of our operations and interactions with customers. Among other things, we may use this information to: maintaining internal records, contacting you about a jointly conducted project or potential joint projects, customizing the website to your interests.

What are cookies and how we use them

Cookies are small text files containing a sequence of characters that can be placed on a user's computer or mobile device. They identify the user's browser or device. They allow the site or service you visit to see if your computer or device has visited the site or service before. Cookies can then be used to better understand and improve your use of the site or service: help you navigate between pages efficiently, help remember user preferences,help tailor the marketing content displayed to the user's interests.

Disabling cookies

You can prevent the insertion of cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Please note that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites you visit. Among other things, this will result in the disabling of certain services.

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